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General Questions


What is BioGeometry?

BioGeometry is a new field of science that uses specially designed language of shapes, color, sound, motion and wave configuration, to induce harmony into biological subtle energy systems. The cornerstone of BioGeometry is the One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality (BG3) at the center of the natural forming process. The term BioGeometry is a proprietary label that was coined by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. It is composed of the roots: Geo = Earth, Metry = measurement, Bio= life, Geometry = Earth measurement (as in land surveys).  BioGeometry = measurement of the life energy of the earth (including all life systems within it).

What is "BG3"?

These initials refer to the ‘BioGeometry Three’ (discovered by Dr. Karim).  The three basic qualities that are in resonance with The One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality and are used to detect it: Horizontal Negative Green (HNG), Higher Harmonic of Ultra Violet (HHUV) and Higher Harmonic  of Gold (HHG).They are found simultaneously as the main components of the One Energy Quality.   However, the addition  of the  three  qualities  will not produce the One Harmonizing Quality.


In what fields can BioGeometry be applied?

BioGeometry is a design language that can be applied to all products of modern technology to add to their functional design criteria the additional balance of our body energy functions. It is an applied science by virtue of its successful applicability in numerous fields. BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are being applied to architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, and vehicles to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, and earth-energy radiation. BioGeometry is also being applied in agriculture and animal farming to increase productivity while reducing the use of controversial chemicals and artificial treatments. Take cars or planes as an example: one is sitting within so many harmful electromagnetic fields that distort our own biological energy functions. By introducing BioGeometry in the design or as an add-on we can reduce fatigue and increase safety. In animal farming, BioGeometry is being used to raise chemical free chicken on a commercial scale and reduce cow total leukocyte counts in dairy production. BioGeometry shapes were used in collaboration with the university of Eindhoven in Holland, in order to eliminate the use of pesticides, and achieve a healthier fruit with prolonged shelf life, at less cost than organic or traditional planting. BioGeometry is also being applied to furniture, food and liquid container design, and logos. 


I am new to BioGeometry and would love to learn more, where do you suggest that I start?

To learn more about the science of BioGeometry, “Back To A Future For Mankind,” the first-ever published collection of writings by Dr. Ibrahim Karim is available on Amazon, and Kindle. Dr. Karim’s second book BioGeometry Signatures helps give an idea of balancing the body’s subtle energy from a BioGeometry perspective and the complete set of “BioSignatures”.


There are also many lectures available on our YouTube site including the first 2 days of the BioGeometry Foundation Training given by Dr. Karim in Clearwater, FL.


The BioGeometry personal development curriculum is being taught worldwide through a network of licensed instructors BioGeometry trainings worldwide, beginning with the BioGeometry Foundation Training. Please check our calendar for more information.

What are BioGeometry Signatures (BioSignatures)?

BioGeometry Signatures (BioSignatures), a special branch of BioGeometry, are precisely constructed linear diagrams, which have the same exact geometric configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the human body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians of the body, but are related to the energy flow within the geometric configurations of the organs in the human body. They play a major role in “forming” the organs’ energy functions. When introduced into the body’s surrounding energy fields, the BioSignatures are activated by the energy being channelled through them (in a manner similar to electricity activating the printed circuits on a computer chip). The activated BioSignatures then resonate with the corresponding energy patterns in the human body, causing a harmonic amplification that restores the correct energy flow and qualitative balance. BioSignatures clear subtle energy blockages and maintain proper flow, as well as introduce the natural energy-balancing BG3 qualities. These corrections are instantaneous on the energy level, but physical manifestations are variable depending on the specific nature of the problem and the underlying energy conditions. A general combination of BioSignatures is used in the General BioSignatures Pendant and Ring. 

What can BioGeometry do for my family and me?

BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes that both replicate and amplify highly beneficial, natural energy qualities which nature itself uses to balance energy qualities. These shapes interact with the human body’s own surrounding energy fields, according to the natural laws of harmonics and resonance. The result is a profound qualitative balancing of the body’s energy system and the harmonization of its energy interactions with the environment.  BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment, but is long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment.  Under no circumstances should BioGeometry products replace professional medical treatment.

Product Questions

BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment. It is a long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment.


I am new to BioGeometry, where do you suggest that I start with the BioGeometry products?

BioGeometry recommends that individuals environmentally balance both their home environment and body. As a base solution we recommend the BioSignatures pendant or ring and L90 pendant for personal environmental balancing, and the BioGeometry Home Kit for home environmental balancing. It is also recommended to have a BioGeometry cell phone sticker on your mobile device.


Below is an overview of the products mentioned above:


The BioSignatures pendant and ring combine a large set of BioSignatures in the pendant for an overall balancing effect which we have found is more effective than targeting a problem with one or two BioSignatures. The BioSignature pendant harmonizes the organ energy exchange function with the environment and helps balance the body organs’ energy quality by adjusting energy problem areas to support self-healing.


Alongside the BioSignatures pendant we recommend the L90 pendant that will help clear up and protect from disturbances on the emotional and mental levels of the body’s energy.


For the home, The BioGeometry home kit is designed to harmonize the negative subtle energy effects of environmental problems that cause stress on the body, including the effects of electromagnetic fields, as well as earth radiation.


The home kit comes with one cube to be placed in the home as well as:


-1 clearing tray: The cube should be placed on the accompanying BioGeometry Clearing Tray for 5 minutes every day, (if it is forgotten on the tray it’s not a problem but it is not working at its fullest while on the clearing tray). It is recommended to clear the cube the cube right before bedtime every night.


-3 electrical attachments: 1 electricity attachment should be placed on the main circuit breaker panel using double-sided tape.  An additional attachment can be placed on the home’s electricity meter. Any extra attachments can be attached to electrical wires beside the bed and any other devices around the house using cable ties.


-1 electric panel (E.P.) attachment should be placed in the panel in addition to the e attachment.


- 2 Water attachments: 1 attachment is to be placed on the home’s main water pipe and the second on the hot water pipe using cable ties


- 8 L90 stickers - 2 x L90 stickers should be placed on the home’s Wi-Fi

Router. No specific orientation is needed.

- 1 x L90 sticker should be placed on the home's smart meter if applicable.

- 1 x L90 should be placed on a window on each of the 4 sides of the house (total 4).

- Additional L90 stickers can be placed on the TV, wireless devices in the home, and on mirrors. We recommend two L90 stickers for laptops, iPads, and e-readers. 

The BioGeometry home kit is our introductory general home solution. For a more customized home solution please visit our BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) Page for more information on the different levels of service, as well as a list of independent licensed BG-EHS associate-practitioners and practitioners.

How do BioGeometry products help protect me?

BioGeometry qualitatively balances biological energy systems and harmonizes their interactions with the environment by reducing environmental stress of the body, including electro-smog, geopathic stress, and low levels of radioactivity. BioGeometry is the only science to be used on entire regions to reduce the negative effects of Electro-magnetic fields. To learn more about the effects of BioGeometry please see our Environmental Research Portfolio.

Do you offer products that can help depression / emotional & mental support?

The BioSignatures pendant/ ring do include BioSignatures related to depression/ emotional balance, and we recommend either one for overall support.


Alongside the pendant or ring, we recommend wearing an additional “L90” pendant that helps clear up and protect from disturbances on the emotional and mental levels of the body’s energy and helps give general EMF protection.


BioGeometry environmental solutions installed in Hemberg and Hirschberg, Switzerland serve as a pilot study showing the role the environmental energy exchange process can play in supporting emotional and mental well-being. As such, we also recommend the BioGeometry home kit and cell phone sticker to help address the home environment.

Why do some products need to be placed on the clearing tray and some don’t?

In the course of this energy exchange process with the body the metal base of the BioSignatures Products may get impregnated with qualities of energy that stop the energy balancing properties of the BioSignatures. The Clearing Tray clears any detrimental energy impregnation from the product. The General BioSignatures Product should be placed on it for one minute on each side daily. 


All BioGeometry items that need daily clearing include a clearing tray with the purchase of your product. These are:


BioSignatures Pendant

BioSignatures Ring

Home Kit

Cell Phone Sticker


BioGeometry shapes that are linear and open ended, as well as shapes that are not embedded into a base are highly resistant to impregnation (ex: “L90 pendant, electro-stress pendant and BioGeometry pendulums).

Do you have pendants or customized solutions for a specific illness?

While we do have BioSignatures that target specific organ functions, we have combined a large set of BioSignatures in the General BioSignatures Pendant and Ring for an overall balancing effect which we have found is more effective than targeting a problem with one or two BioSignatures. The BioSignatures Pendant harmonizes the organ energy exchange function with the environment and helps balance the body organs’ energy quality by adjusting energy problem areas to support self-healing. 


How do you deal with earth related immune problems, like cancer?

In BioGeometry we pay special attention to the environment of the sick person, especially to earth radiation under the bed, and stress from electromagnetic fields. We have developed the BioGeometry Home Kit, which was developed and tested as an individual home solution, to be used to reduce the symptoms suffered from environmental stress. Following the success of the BioGeometry cubes in Hirschberg, BioGeometry showed a protective role against indoor chemical and radioactivity pollutants in a study at the National Research Centre in Egypt.


Can I give my old pendant to someone else?

No, the effect of the BioGeometry pendants is based on the shape and configuration of the BioSignatures in the pendant. 


Does the material of the pendant affect its efficiency (is the silver pendant more effective than the bronze)?

The main factor which generates the pendants' effects is shape. The material is secondary, and is based on personal preference.

What is the difference between the BioGeometry Clearing Tray and the BioGeometry BG3 Charging Tray?

The clearing trays are designed to remove energy impregnation, allowing BioGeometry products to work optimally, while the charging plates are designed to charge non-BioGeometry items with BG3.


What can I place on the Energy Balancing Charging tray? How does it charge anything placed on it?

The shape of the charging tray emits BG3 (the one harmonizing universal energy quality, found in all living centers) in the center of the tray.  Anything placed in the center of the tray will be infused with BG3. Common items that can be placed on the tray include medication, supplements, and food. 


What is the difference between the IKUP and BG16 pendulums?


The BG16 pendulum is directly calibrated to measure BG3 through the quality of the number 16 and is a BG3 (centering quality) emitter. It detects BG3 and sacred power spots without calibration.  The IKUP is calibrated with geometric shapes that resonate with the planes of nature on which it is a receiver and emitter of BG3. Both pendulums emit BG3 from their tip and can be used as an emitter to charge food and acupuncture points etc. and for advanced measuring and emitting on the higher planes. 


Please note that these pendulums do not come with instructions as they are taught in class. They are available on the site as they can be used to emit BG3 on acupuncture points etc. by pointing towards the location. The IKUP and BG16 can also be used as general pendulums.

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