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Biological Stress Reduction in a Boeing 747-400 Aircraft Environment
Sample BioGeometry® Environmental Energy-Balancing Research






BioGeometry environmental energy-quality balancing solutions have been implemented on a number of private aircraft to harmonize the increased level of environmental stress associated with flight. Environmental stressors include electromagnetic fields, cosmic radiation, chemicals, and psychological stress.


Biofeedback measurements were conducted on the crew using the BioPulsar-Reflexograph biomedical measurement device, which is certified as a medical diagnostic device in Europe. The BioPulsar measures the balance or consonance of electrical activity within each organ from the acupuncture points on the hands.


Below are screenshots from the measurements conducted on two of the crew of a Boeing 747-400, both inside and outside the aircraft. The graphs on the right depict the biofeedback measurements for each organ. The green line in the center of each graph is the benchmark state of balanced electrical organ function, and the less variance there is 

in the red measurement line relative to it the better. The image on the right of each screenshot is a visual representation of the measurements; red indicates over-activity and violet indicates under-activity, while the balanced state is depicted by the blue-green color.


Test on Crew Member 1 Outside the Aircraft

The positive biological effects / health benefits of the BioGeometry environmental energy balancing solutions implemented on the aircraft are very clear in the biofeedback measurements. The balance of electrical organ function inside the BioGeometry energy-balanced aircraft significantly surpasses those taken outside the aircraft under normal ground conditions. There really was no need to conduct measurements on the ground for crew member 2 outside the aircraft, because of the high quality of the measurements inside the aircraft. The identity of the crew personnel involved in the measurements was kept anonymous at the request of the client.


Test on Crew Member 1

Test on Crew Member 2 Inside the BioGeometry Energy-Balanced

(P.S. The little v drops in the graph are due to hand movement off the sensors.)

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