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What is Radiesthesia


Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information


Vibrational Field


Matter, from which everything in the universe is a form of energy is an infinite arrangements of atoms made up of particles that are in a constant state of circular motion, i.e. energy interaction. The frequency at which this energy is vibrating determines the density of its expression as matter. Matter vibrating at a relatively slow frequency gives us the solid state of our physical universe. Superimposed on this solid state of matter are energy fields that vibrate at higher frequencies which are beyond our normal human sensory perception, but within the perceptual spectrum of other life forms (common house pets see, hear and smell stimulants that we cannot perceive) These energy fields are unperceived only because the technology which renders them perceivable has not been developed, very much like X-rays and radio waves were not perceived not so long ago. These fields that surround all living systems are a series of multidimensional energy fields, that together with the physical state, form the total living body that should be dealt with as a holistic composition.


On the physical level, any interaction between objects can usually be observed, evaluated, tested, or corrected; if we hit an object, it breaks and we bruise;, we take a medicine it has a fairly predictable reaction and so on. Taking it a step further,; an interaction between emotional and physical is still fairly visible; if we’re embarrassed we blush. Any extreme emotion: fear, happiness or, anger creates a rush of Adrenaline in the blood stream, alerting the system and mobilizing its reactionary potentials;, acute psychological trauma can cause physical illness (psychosomatic) ……To many people, spiritual practice (e.g. prayer) or mental stimulation can have concrete manifestation on their physical bodies.


Given the nature of the extended body, there are also many interactions that exist at a threshold beyond the sensitivity of our perception that have no physical perceivable manifestation but affect our whole multidimensional body system. When energy systems are in close contact, the resulting interaction will modify the vibrational properties of the systems. What radiesthesia does, is allow us to extend our perception to tune into an unperceived world beyond the normal range, thus giving us a view into the realm of vibrational interaction and opening unlimited avenues for research into understanding the true holistic nature, not only of our bodies, but of the universe. To the skeptics, this might be difficult to accept, but such is the nature of evolving sciences.


The Science Of Radiesthesia


In Radiesthesia, our body is the main instrument, because what we are doing is entering into a vibrational relationship with the object we are measuring and evaluating the quality of this interaction on our own body. The human spinal cord is like a wire with an electric current running through it;, the electric impulses generate a detectable electromagnetic energy field around it. When two energy fields are in resonance (either by proximity, selective focusing or any other method ), they will modify each other, consequently affecting the current running through the central nervous system and its’s extensive nerve network that carries the impulses that controlling all the body functions., Aa sensitive person might feel an excess or a depletion of energy, but has no way of measuring, nor and evaluating the true quality of the relationship, very much like driving a car that has no speedometer or indicator;, we can use the car and feel if we are going fast or slow, but have no way to of properly calculation for exact evaluation.


Another important aspect that happens when two energy fields are in resonance is a type of information exchange on a vibrational level, where a DNA like coded energetic signature of each is imprinted on the energy field of the other. Unfortunately, we have no senses that can perceive this information even though it is in our energy field. This is very much like the radio and television waves that are all around us at a frequency beyond our perception, when we turn on the proper equipment these energies become translated into visible images and audible sounds within our perceptual range of sensitivity. Some people have the extrasensory ability to access this information, however distortion usually occurs in the process of translation because what they perceive will be colored by their own experiences.


Information Exchange


In the practice of radiesthesia, we are not bound by time and space. Initially, this might seem absurd but if we remember that we are working on a vibrational level not necessarily bound by the limitation of our physical senses. To illustrate this concept, let us examine what happens when we use the sense of hearing. Sound waves move the air and hit the ear drum much as the wind hits a sail. Normally the stronger the wave, the more pronounced is the reaction of the sail. In hearing, the mechanical effect of stronger sound waves hitting the surface of the ear drum results in our hearing louder sounds; however, there seems to be a process that enables us to selectively tune out or tune in to any type of wave regardless of its strength, to react to that specific wave and alter our perception accordingly. This is usually achieved by an act of will in the form of selective focusing and can be illustrated by the following example. If a person is speaking in a loud voice, the listeners will usually hear that voice and not other voices which may be whispering nearby. However, if the listener chooses, he can concentrate on the whispering voices and hear them, in effect blocking out the louder voice of the speaker. Or consider the example of a person who is daydreaming about an occurrence in a far away place in the past. This person will actually hear the voices of the people in that daydream and his vibrational fields will be in resonance with them and not his immediate surroundings. These two examples illustrate how we can get information about anything we are in resonance with, irrespective of time and space boundaries.




In order to establish resonance with an object either to gather information, to search or heal, etc…a sample of that object is needed. A sample in radiesthesia refers to something that has all the vibrational properties of the object or person we want to measure, just as samples of blood, tissues or urine are taken for laboratory testing in orthodox medical practice.


In radiesthesia however since we are dealing on the vibrational level, we have a wider range of samples to choose from.( in Dowsing, which is a popular application of radiesthesia that was used through the ages to detect water, the human body, two- thirds of its weight water, actually works as a sample ).. Saliva, and photographs(that reflect the geometrical composition of the features, displaying its unique vibrational quality) are commonly used as samples. Another possible sample might be an object that has been in close contact with a person for a long period of time and is therefore impregnated with that person’s vibrational energy, the choice of items potentially usable as samples are practically unlimited. Given the special versatile nature of radiesthesia, the object of measurement might be of subtle or abstract nature and symbolism or visualization techniques may be used to create a “mental sample” which would have all the vibrational properties of the object. A unique characteristic of vibrational samples is that they are “dynamic”, that is unlike orthodox laboratory samples that reflect the status at the moment the sample was taken. A vibrational samples, continue to reflect the energy status of its source over time and regardless of distance. This aspect is very important, especially, in healing as the practitioner is able to monitor and evaluate any changes on the sample.


“Tuning In”


The universe and everything in it is in a constant state of vibrational interaction on all levels, as the saying goes “You cannot cut a flower without disturbing a distant star” What we perceive visually (see) for example are an infinite number of images every minute, we selectively choose to focus on some aspects and the rest are mechanically registered in our data bank in the brain without us being consciously aware, however, through hypnosis we can retrieve information that we never knew we perceived.


In radiesthesia we need an “aiming” device so we can selectively focus on whatever aspect we wish. This aiming process is what we call mental tuning or selective resonance. Mental tuning can best be understood if we return to the example of our ability to selectively hear lower sounds or voices instead of louder ones. Normally the ear drum responds mechanically to sound waves moving through the air by sending impulses to the brain that translates to what we “hear”, however, if we choose, the brain is able to selectively amplify weaker waves and thus acts as an aiming device. A powerful analogy that might better demonstrate the power of focused selectivity is the laser beam; ordinary light waves from a light bulb, are incoherent waves traveling randomly in all direction, if this energy was to be made coherent, the resulting focused beam could probably cut through steel.


A Scale Of Measurement


A scale of measurement is needed to scientifically analyze the results of the interaction of vibrational fields. Traditionally scales of measurements are quantitative numerical scales ranging from zero to infinity, these are absolute in their mathematical structure. When we are dealing with vibrational interactions, we need a scale that is capable of measuring the “quality” of interactions in relation to the human vibrational field. Quality measurements have shown that vibrational energies have the characteristic of repeating themselves at higher octaves without losing the essence of the vibrational quality.


This can best be understood if we examine the law of harmonics in music, we find that, when we hit a cord on a musical instrument, every eight cord will vibrate, forming groups of octaves, in accordance to the law that similar qualities of sound repeat themselves infinitely, although, the vibrational frequency and sound we hear are different. A trained musician can easily identify the quality of every note wherever it is on the musical scale even though the sounds are very different to the lay person. This principle used for tuning instruments has been expanded by scientists of Ancient Egypt and presented to the West by Pythagoras who translated every vibrational quality in the universe to a proportion on a monochord instrument.

In order to systematize the taking of measurements in radiesthesia, instruments sensitive to the physical vibrational qualities of the musical scale are calibrated on the color scale. Each color that we perceive emanates a unique vibration that excites the optic nerve in varying degrees sending coded messages to our brain which decodes it into visible colors. Like musical notes that have repetitive vibrational qualities (WHERE every eighth note will vibrate even on a different instrument in close proximity through resonance); colors have vibrational properties that resonate on higher harmonics that are not visible to our perception. Using these characteristics of the musical and color scales interchangeably, instruments sensitive to vibrational qualities have been able to standardize a qualitative repetitive unit of measurement that is the basis of radiesthesia measurements, these units measure the impact of vibrational interaction of the body by the degree at which it excites or dampens the impulses running through the nervous system. These instruments range from very simple calibrated pendular instruments to complex electronic devices, however, they all ultimately function as extensions of the human energy system.


Once we have the proper instruments, the sample that needs to be tested, the aiming device or tuning in, the scale of measurement or decoding system; we are ready to start experimenting in a whole new world.


Radiesthesia A Historical Background


Radiesthesia, is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. It is the science of using man’s sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses. Simple instruments are used as indicators to measure minute vibrational interactions between energy fields.


Radiesthesia has its roots in Ancient Egypt, were it was practiced as a precise science. The applications of this science were infinite; in medicine for example it enabled the pharaonic surgeons to perform complex brain operations that now require highly sophisticated technology. In geology, every gold mine that modern satellites have discovered in the largely uncharted Sinai desert turned out to have been found and mined in earlier millennia by pharaonic geologists.


Most striking, however, was the discovery that they used geometrical shapes as a form of energy manipulation to achieve functional goals. The Great Pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau near Cairo is an example of the powerful geometrical energy emitters created by the ancient Egyptians, its strange properties, about which hundreds of books have been written, continue to baffle researchers. Some Ancient Egyptian reliefs show persons using pendular instruments, in others we find their Gods holding powerful energy emitters in the form of scepters. A profound understanding of physics behind the science of physical Radiesthesia is a prerequisite for the development of Geometrical energy emitters such as these, so we must conclude that the ancient Egyptian knowledge was based on exact and precise scientific principles. The theories developed by the Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato and others in the field of Numbers and Sacred Geometry, are only fragments of the esoteric sciences that they were initiated into in Egypt. Unfortunately these sciences have been lost and only simplified misunderstood fragments have survived as ancient folklore and magical practices.

One form of Radiesthesia survived the ages through the Arab Islamic missionaries in Europe during the middle ages and the time of the crusades as a secret science of the Jesuits, and was the main tool Jesuit missionaries used to search for herbal remedies in foreign lands. They also used Radiesthesia as an important means of discovering underground water sources (Dowsing). The French Jesuit priest Abbe’ Mermet became famous for doing this in France and Switzerland. He published an important book around 1930 entitled “Comment J’opere” in which he explained how he used Radiesthesia to detect water and minerals on-site and at a distance “Tele-Radiesthesia”. Most of the water sources around Paris and Vienna for example, were discovered in the 18th century by famous practitioners of radiesthesia. 


Radiesthesia, however, is a precise science, which deals with vibrational relationships on a much broader scale, it is; in fact an; extension of traditional physics into new areas. Various names have been given to this branch of Radiesthesia by the modern pioneers of that science. The French physicists Chaumery and De Bellizal called it “Microvibrational Physics” in their book published around 1940 which is still the most important reference on this subject. More commonly, it was referred to as the science of “Energy (waves) of shape” and also as “Physical Radiesthesia”. Chaumery and De Bellizal also discovered that the ancient Egyptian “Wadj” amulet or the “Egyptian Pendulum” as they named it, emits a type of energy that has carrier wave properties, which makes it suitable for communication in much the same way as Hertz waves are used to carry sound 

across great distances. The Egyptian Pendulum is one of the most popular pendulums in Europe, and is mentioned in many books on the subject of Radiesthesia.

The German army used Radiesthesia for mine detection during the First and Second World Wars, as did the American military in Vietnam. It was this science that led Wilhelm Reich to the discovery of Orgone energy, which, although much disputed during his lifetime, has lately been the subject of serious study. Today many institutions all over the world are researching different aspects of this science. Radiesthesia was the launching pad for the science of “Psychotronics” pioneered by the work of Drbal and others in the eastern block. In the West, “Radionics” is another offshoot of Radiesthesia.

In Egypt, the Science of BioGeometry uses Radiesthesia as an accurate means of measurement and research after a long thorough process of re-establishment and development of its scientific basis that has been lost for long. Back into its cradle, the science of Radiesthesia is preparing to take another long leap into the future but this time on stable scientific grounds. New measurement instruments are invented to convert quantitative scales into qualitative ones, which contribute to the discovering of BioGeometrical solutions to life threatening dangers of Modern Technology, turning our modern civilization into a human friendly one.


*Special Excerpt from BioGeometry 2014 Special Topics Conference

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