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Dr. Ibrahim Karim established BioGeometry Consulting Ltd. against the backdrop of his own architecture consulting firm Al-Emara, which was founded in 1939 by his father, renowned architect Dr. Sayed Karim.  Al-Emara was recognized as the first architecture “house of expertise” (Reg. No. 001) in the Arab world.  This was based on the pioneering modern architecture work of Dr. S. Karim, and an extensive portfolio of regional and international city planning that included Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, Nablus, Santiago, and Brussels.  Dr. I. Karim’s began his research that would eventually lead to the development of the science of BioGeometry early in his architecture career.  


Dr. Karim is the partner/owner of Al-Emara Consulting house, founded in 1939 by Dr. Sayed Karim is now a part of BioGeometry Consulting Ltd. Selected Architecture Projects include:


  • Urban planning of most capital cities of the Middle East (1950-1964). Urban Planning of Abu Dhabi 1967)

  • Tourist planning for the bay of Tangiers in Marrocco 1969-71

  • Several large scale hospitals and polyclinics in Mansoura, Zaquaziq, Luxor, Alexandria, etc. 1973-2000

  • Large number of urban and rural health centers in Cairo, Giza, and Quena, 1978-82.

  • Consulting to Schuster Arch, firm for Hospital and polyclinic in Dubai 1971-72

  • Mahmoudiya Canal environment project, Alexandria 1993, Ministry of scientific research and USAID.

  • Several tourist resorts on the Red Sea coast, Sokhna, Hurghada and Safaga.

  • Tourist planning of Red Sea coast from Suez to Marsa Alam and town planning of Hurghada, Safaga and Marsa Alam. Building several large scale projects in Hurghada.

  • Tourist planning of Sinai Southern Red Sea coast from Oyoun Moussa to Ras Mohammed. 


Dr. Karim, first applied BioGeometry in Architecture in the early 1980s in Hurghada on the Red Sea, in the design of several tourist resorts. The first buildings were twenty-two tourist residential villas in the first phase of the Old Vic resort. One of those projects was Menaville in Safaga South of Hurghada. This project has become a very popular health resort. Unaware of the effect of BioGeometry which was emphasized with Dr. Karim's clients at that time, the healing effect has been attributed to the quality of the sand and the sea in that area. Although the area, in general, is very supportive to health due to the low relative humidity of the air, and the algae in the water, this project has shown results that could not be reached by its direct neighbors, who tried but could not achieve the same results. Since then BioGeometry Architecture services have been applied in Germany, France, England, Holland, Canada, USA and in the Arab World. Some projects were original BioGeometry designs, while others were mainly the application of BioGeometry to existing buildings. The energy quality achieved has been remarkable.


In 2010, Dr. Karim applied BioGeometry Design Principles to Furniture Design, featured in the Le Marche Designer Hall.

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Dr. Ibrahim Karim Tourist Planning Architecture Egypt
Dr. Ibrahim Karim Tourist Planning Architecture

Zaqaziq and Mansourah general hospitals

(600-beds) Egypt

Regional tourist planning of Red Sea area Egypt 1980.

BioGeometry Red Sea Hurghada Architecture

The first application of BioGeometry in Architecture was in the 22 residential units of the first stage of the Old Vic resort in Hurghada on the Red Sea built in 1984.

Architect as a Sculptor of Space


The architects' main goal is the achievement of harmony between all the components that make up the quality of space. He/she is a sculpture of space. There is a forming process involved to give the space the necessary qualities. A space that supports life must itself have the criteria of life. The goal of the forming process is to create living space.


All forms of life (animate and inanimate) including human being are 'Open Energy Systems' on all levels of energy. There are many levels of energy involved in a living energy system: Physical matter (solid, liquid, gas), vitality (gravity, electromagnetism, ionization, etc.), emotional, mental, and other more subtle levels. They are just different frequency ranges, and in this respect are also governed by the laws of harmonics, such as resonance, which produces information exchange. As with the lower physical levels that we are aware of, so it is with the more subtle levels that we are not fully aware of. On the physical level we take from the environment, use it in our system, then give it out again. There are three states of everything we interact with: The first state is when it is present in our environment, the second when it is inside our system and the third when it goes out again to the environment. These are three different states in any form of energy.


According to the laws of harmonics this concept of 'Open Energy System' should apply to all the energy levels in us as well as in the different planes of nature outside us. There are abstract collective types of energy in the space around us on the vitality, emotional, and mental levels. We use vital energy from the space around us to fuel our life processes, emotional energy as a fuel for feelings, and mental energy as a fuel to think. We are therefore constantly influenced by the quality of energy on all those levels in the space around us, and in turn influence the quality of space around us on all those levels.


Since the space around us has all those levels of abstract collective energy qualities, then it is actually alive in an abstract collective way. If it has emotional and mental energy then it has a personality, it is conscious, it exchanges information, it has memory, it is conscious, and so on. What is abstract and collective to us is actually a hierarchy of individual levels of living personalities within the total personality of the Earth. The Earth is actually a living being. In architecture we are interacting with the personality levels of the space we are forming.


BioGeometry uses the energy principles of geometrical shapes to balance biological energy systems within the overall framework of environmental energy interactions. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research identified a combination of three essential energy qualities (classifications of energy effects based on the resonance and harmonic relationships of energy and shape) that nature itself uses to balance living energy systems.  BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes that replicate and amplify this highly beneficial and natural energy-quality combination.  The shapes interact with the body’s own surrounding energy fields, according to the natural laws of harmonics and resonance to introduce the energy-quality balancing effect. The result is a profound qualitative balancing of the body’s energy system, and the harmonization of energy interactions with the environment. 


Overview of BioGeometry Architectural Services 


BioGeometry offers personalized and complete architecture and design energy-quality balancing solutions to harmonize all environmental energy-quality disturbances and provide a home environment with a maximum energy-quality balancing effect. Architectural and design services include the evaluation of site, and building layout based on existing architecture plans.


  • Application of BioGeometry design principles on layout and building shapes to achieve environmental harmony and help protect against environmental stress.  

  • Energy Quality site analysis, including earth radiation, topography energy, and geological energy.

  • All materials in the home and electromechanical system are energy quality balanced at each level of building. This makes a big difference, especially when applied at the Foundation level of building.

  • Surrounding energy sources are energetically balanced.

  • BioGeometry recommends choices of colors and materials.

  • Targeted energy solutions based on project goals.


 BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd also offers consulting to architects, as well as complete architectural services.


For all BioGeometry architecture and design solutions and consulting services, contact us at


Please note that BioGeometry® has no representatives in the fields or achitecture, design, and environmental consulting. 

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