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Egyptian National Liver Disease Research Project


In April 1999 we were invited to take part in ‘The National Liver Disease Research Project’ at the Pharmaceutical faculty of El Azhar University, one of the most reputable and the oldest University in the Middle East. The project was designed as a comparative research on all existing treatments for HVC, Hepatitis Virus C, in orthodox and alternative medicine. This is a community oriented project to inform the millions of sick people about the state of existing treatments.


The project was headed by Dr. Taha Khalifa, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


They compared the available medical drugs, as well as the alternative treatments available on the market.

The BioGeometrical coated aluminum pendants with BioSignatures engraved on them by laser were given to 300 patients. The main evaluation of this first 6-month stage was based on the effect on the high level of liver ALT (SGPT) and AST (SGOT) enzymes. The most effective remedy would be taken into the second phase the project involving CPR tests for viral clearance; this more expensive testing would be restricted to one or two remedies chosen from the first phase.


BioGeometry achieved a 90% result, compared to the other remedies which only achieved results in the 20-30% range. In the case of medical drugs, some achieved around 50% but they could only be used for half the cases in the group who did not show low blood platelet counts, which reduced the overall percentage by half. The tests were done every two weeks for a period of six months. The results from BioGeometry were already there in the first test after two weeks, and were sustained for the rest of the period. Around a third of the patients also made PCR tests which revealed that more than half of them were free of viruses.


The second research project involving the use of BioGeometry on 3000 patients for a year with the goal of viral clearance is due to start as soon as the necessary funds are available.


BioGeometry gives us the additional possibility of treating the environment of the persons concerned; otherwise this percentage can not be sustained. I would think that the percentage will drop to about 60%, over the long run, due to the harmful Earth Radiation and excessive electromagnetic activity in the person’s home or work. This is a very critical point that has to be taken into consideration, especially in the bedrooms. We cannot properly balance the energy of a person, to give the body the opportunity to heal of self-healing, while neglecting his environment. This point is however out of context and not practical in such a research project, but should however be well understood. Sometimes balancing the environment by working on the electrical system or moving the bed off a spot of harmful Earth radiation will achieve wonders in otherwise incurable problems, without any other intervention.


This was a surprising result that made a huge splash all over the Arab World, when the Dean, Dr. Taha Khalifa, publicly announced it on the Saudi Arabian Orbit Satellite Channel, in a program which included Dr. Ali Abdel Fattah former Minister of Health, and other prominent doctors. In that program many cases of incurable diseases, cured by BioGeometry, were also presented and discussed. This 5-hour program, aired in two parts, made a huge effect when it first came out a year ago, and has been aired around once every month or two since then.


Since then many doctors have started research in different fields using BioGeometry, and a huge debate is going on among the medical professionals who bring their incurable cases to be treated, under their supervision, by BioGeometry, and the other front who stand firmly against all types of alternative medicine whatsoever. Even with the promising results in medical research, it still should be specified, again and again, that BioGeometry is not alternative or complementary medicine. It is a design language of shape that brings balance into subtle energy fields, which result in an empowerment of the immune system, and supports self healing or any form of orthodox or alternative medicine already used. It is a form of protective energy balance that only indirectly affects our health and well-being.


Since then a government publishing house is distributing a cheap bronze version of the BioGeometrical pendants all over Egypt, as an ideal cheap protective energy support to health.


Stories of recovery from Virus C, among other severe diseases, as a result of using BioGeometry, are coming up every day all over the world. We also hear such stories in the US, from the person who was scheduled for a transplant and then recovered and did not need it, to the young man with Virus C who was in prison and was transferred to another facility where the new tests showed no trace of the virus, not knowing the effect of the pendant he is wearing, they are in total confusion about the medical records they got from the first facility. We have also seen many other cases of recovery in the US. Two cases of liver transplant that got re-infected also became much better using the pendants. The most important thing however that is reported by the people using the pendants is the quick psychological positive effect reported by the patients who were in a severe depression with suicidal tendencies and who were given a new taste for life.


Dr. Taha Khalifa discussing the preliminary results of the Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research
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