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Everything in nature has a shape, and every shape produces an energy quality, so everything in nature is energy. Through the laws of resonance, all shapes in a surrounding space affect each other and their environment


As an architect and researcher, Dr. Ibrahim felt something was missing and this led to the discovery of the patented and worldwide acknowledged science of BioGeometry which brings the human aspect and environmental harmony into design.  Throughout his professional career, Dr. Karim applied BioGeometry principles as they developed in his architecture and design projects. BioGeometry is a science that deals with shape, color, material, texture and orientation. It is a new form of design and architecture that enhances the energy of biological system on all levels, setting a new concept and standards for health spaces. Design principles of the science of BioGeometry are used to enhance the role of positive energy in design to achieve harmony between the human body as an energy field and the energy of a space, while protecting from harmful environmental effects. This is achieved by bringing the energy quality of sacred power spots into devices of modern technology. It is the practical synergy of science and spirituality that will transform the user by balancing his vitality, emotional and mental levels.


BioGeometry can be applied to all products of modern technology, ranging from a child's toy, to an airplane, a house, a hospital, clothes, food and beverage containers, and machinery to add to their functional design criteria the additional balance of our body energy functions.For more information please contact us at


Please note that BioGeometry® has no representatives in the fields or achitecture, design, and environmental consulting.  




In 2010, Dr. Karim designed a Chairs Collection to be displayed in the designer hall of the Le Marche exhibition in Egypt. In his chair designs, Dr. Karim strives to create an energy vortex that harmoniously connects the human energy system with the earth energy, while at the same time creating a spatial balancing energy in its surroundings. The effect of the Corian material on the human energy system has also been  taken to higher levels of beneficent health-supporting quality.


The Curve is a one-line designed chair so as to allow an uninterrupted flow of balancing energy that brings harmony into the space it is placed in and into the living systems using it or existing around it. The angles and dimensions of this chair (Shape) provide balance through interacting with the earth energy grids, the electromagnetic fields and the radio activity emanating from building materials in the space. Manufacturing this piece using a single sheet of Corian material was a big challenge and thus an extraordinary achievement. It has been displayed in Du Pont as a first of its kind. The Chair was later used as the main piece on the Musimax-Musiplus Quebec TV Show "Cliptographie."


Download Le Marche Furniture Collection Brochure

The following are extracts from the numerous test results that show the effect of the BioGeometry principles applied in the Curve collection on energetic organ functions:



After Dr. Karim's research with Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese renowned scientist of Hado Life Europe lab in Liechtenstein, on the effect of BioGeometry on water, which proved a very strong and significant balancing effect on the quality of water, Dr.  Karim  designed  a  water  bottle  according  to  these  principles  to provide an easy access to everyone in Egypt to a perfectly harmonized and clear from any harmful energies quality of water.


The BioGeometry Mineral water bottle has been designed to bring harmony into physiological functions, and after a long testing period will be put on the market in Egypt by SEKEM. Remarkably, the bottle has also been shown in preliminary testing to preserve the shelf life of milk and orange juice (similar results were achieved in an apple farming research in Holland). Further effects of BioGeometry on water can be seen The Sweet Potato Experiment done in may 1998 by the late eng. Adel Ammar to test the possibility of using BioGeometry to enhance fresh water plants to grow in salt water. The two month experiment showed astonishing results.


BioGeometry collaborated with SEKEM to apply solutions on three levels: The first level is applying BioGeometry solutions on the well itself, while the second application is on the electromechanical equipment in the water bottling plant. The third level of application is on the water bottle that has been designed to change the qualitative effect of the water (with no physical changes) to bring harmony into physiological functions.

GDV Results Show Difference Between Drinking Normal Water Vs. BioGeometry Water
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