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BioGeometry is an environmental science that uses the energy principles of shape to introduce equilibrium into the fundamental energy harmonics of biological systems, within the overall framework of environmental energy interactions. The BioGeometry effect is a relationship between the BioGeometry energy- quality balanced environment and the biological systems within it, and one of our main missions has been to research and highlight this effect among a variety of biological systems (humans, plants, and animals) through independent scientific research. The science of BioGeometry has become the de facto benchmark in the harmonization of environmental electromagnetic and geopathic stress. This is showcased in our work over the past few years with the Swiss government and Swiss telecom provider SwissCom in the BioGeometry environmental harmonization of the Swiss rural towns of Hemberg and Hirschberg, for which we received official recognition from the Swiss government, as well as extensive international media coverage, including a documentary on our work in Hirschberg that aired on Swiss national television channel SF1.



Dr. Ibrahim Karim, an architect by profession, established BioGeometry Consulting Ltd in 1997. against the backdrop of his own architecture consulting firm Al-Emara, which was founded in 1939 by his father, renowned architect Dr. Sayed Karim.  Al- Emara was recognized as the first architecture “house of expertise” (Reg. No. 001) in the Arab world.  This was based on the pioneering modern architecture work of Dr. S. Karim, and an extensive portfolio of regional and international city planning that included Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, Nablus, Santiago, and Brussels. Dr. I. Karim’s began his research that would eventually lead to the development of the science of BioGeometry early in his architecture career. Today BioGeometry is compromised of three companies worldwide, including BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. (Canada), BioGeometry Consulting Ltd. (Egypt), and BioGeometry Europe (Switzerland), which are working together to further research, education, and application of the science of BioGeometry.



Dr. Karim “officially” founded the science of BioGeometry in 1993, after more than thirty years of research, with the issuance of the first worldwide patent by the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research.  This patent was based on two years of official research by the Egyptian National Research Center, where Dr. Karim was the head of a committee on the research of the effect of his proprietary BioGeometry shapes on the biological functions of microorganisms.  This first patent embodied the results of the research and officially recognized the first BioGeometry shape, describing that it “achieves a resulting field around the shape that can produce certain effects on the energy fields of biological systems, with measurable results.  First experiments in raising the level of immunity were successful according to the results of clinical and laboratory analysis.”



BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are being applied for the environmental electromagnetic and geopathic stress harmonization of residential and commercial spaces, as well as for larger geographical areas. BioGeometry energy-balancing architectural and industrial design consulting solutions are offered. Applied solutions for telecom and Wi-Fi networks, as well as aircraft and ships are available to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, structural design, and cosmic and earth-energy radiation.  A line of BioGeometry products for individual and home use is also available to offer basic BioGeometry energy-quality balancing as a long-term support system for our well-being, and our personal development education curriculum is offered in Egypt, as well as through an international network of licensed instructors.




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