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BioGeometry is an environmental science that uses the energy principles of shapes to introduce equilibrium into the fundamental energy harmonics of biological systems, within the overall framework of environmental energy interactions. The BioGeometry effect is a relationship between the BioGeometry energy-quality balanced environment and the biological systems within it, and one of our main missions has been to research and highlight this effect among a variety of biological systems (humans, plants and animals) through independent scientific research.  The science of BioGeometry has become the de facto benchmark in the harmonization of environmental electro-magnetic and geopathic stress.  This is showcased in our work over the past few years with the Swiss government and Swiss telecom provider SwissCom in the BioGeometry environmental harmonization of the Swiss rural towns of Hemberg and Hirschberg, for which we received official recognition from the Swiss government, as well as extensive international media coverage, including a documentary on our work in Hirschberg that aired on Swiss national television channel SF1.  


Dr. Karim “officially” founded the science of BioGeometry in 1993, after more than thirty years of research, with the issuance of the first worldwide patent by the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research.  This patent was based on two years of official research by the Egyptian National Research Center, where Dr. Karim was the head of a committee on the research of the effect of his proprietary BioGeometry shapes on the biological functions of microorganisms.  This first patent embodied the results of the research and officially recognized the first BioGeometry shape, describing that it “achieves a resulting field around the shape that can produce certain effects on the energy fields of biological systems, with measurable results.  First experiments in raising the level of immunity were successful according to the results of clinical and laboratory analysis.”   


 BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are being applied for the environmental electro-magnetic and geopathic stress harmonization of residential and commercial spaces, as well as for larger geographical areas with astounding results.  BioGeometry energy-balancing architectural and industrial design consulting solutions are offered.  Applied solutions for telecom and WiFi networks, as well as aircraft and ships are available to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electro-magnetic radiation, structural design, and cosmic and earth-energy radiation.




For more information on BioGeometry environmental solutions services and research collaborations, contact us at


Please note that BioGeometry® has no representatives in the fields or achitecture, design, and environmental consulting. 


Examples of BioGeometry Research Projects and Applications


- Preliminary laboratory studies at the Egyptian National Research Center, where Dr. Ibrahim Karim headed the research unit on the Influence of Geometrical Shapes on Life Functions, showed that BioGeometry shapes have a “positive effect on biological functions.” This led to the first Egyptian patent in BioGeometry at the Ministry of Scientific Research.


- Egyptian National Virus C Comparative Study: The Dean of the Pharmacology Department at Al-Azhar University, Egypt, announced on Egyptian Satellite TV that the preliminary phase of the comparative National Virus C Project carried out by his College showed that BioGeometry energy-balancing obtained the best results among all other pharmaceutical and alternative remedies.


- A three-year research project at the University of Wageningen, Holland, by Professor Peter Mols on the use of BioGeometry in apple agriculture, concluded that BioGeometry was effective in eliminating certain parasites and significantly increasing agricultural yield.


- A preliminary research project carried out by the Dutch agricultural firm Team EcoSys to study the role of BioGeometry in potato farming concluded that BioGeometry energy balancing significantly increased the immunity and quality of the potatoes.


- As part of an MA thesis supervised by Dr. Ahmed Hussein of Suez Canal University and the Ministry of Agriculture, BioGeometry energy-balancing solutions were implemented in poultry farming as a research study. The published results showed that BioGeometry was effective in significantly increasing the growth and quality of the chicken while also lowering the mortality rate.


- This project was successfully repeated in 2014 with Nutrinor, Quebec, in Canada in order to grow chickens without the use of antibiotics or growth factors, while lowering the mortality rate, achieving a better food/weight conversion ratio and increased healthy weight development. This has lead to collaboration with Nutrinor in applying BioGeometry to their animal farming department.


- A two-month experiment by the late Eng. Adel Ammar to test the possibility of using BioGeometry to allow fresh water plants (sweet potato) to grow in salt water from the Red Sea showed astonishing results: sweet potato plants grown with BG3 salt water developed healthier sweet potatoes than the two control units.


-Double blind experimentation showed that BioGeometry successfully reduced driver’s physiological stress markers as seen using biofeedback measurements.


- Preliminary experiments in introducing BioGeometry into the classroom design indicated that BioGeometry energy balancing had a positive impact on children with learning disabilities.


- A Design Approach Using BioGeometry in Interior Architectural Spaces with Reference to Heal Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” by  Dina Ra’afat Abdul Rahman Howeidy, a PHD thesis completed at the Cairo University, Faculty of engineering shows a vast improvement in ADHD criteria tested, including: child focus & attention, communication, dynamic behavior, behavior, teamwork, independence, hyperactivity, social stages and academic skills.


- In another PhD thesis by Lobna Shaker at Cairo University, BioGeometry was used in medical centers for treatment of depression, besides demonstrating the benefits of applying BioGeometry as design and interior architecture solutions, testing on mice showed that Bio Signatures (branch of BioGeometry) were as effective as commonly used drugs in the Egyptian market to restore the normal serotonin levels in the brain.


- In 2003, a pilot research project under the patronage of the Swiss Mediation Authority for Mobile Communication and Environment, and in collaboration with leading governmental telecom provider Swisscom, implemented BioGeometry energy-balancing solutions to remedy ailments of electro-sensitivity in the rural town of Hemberg. BioGeometry was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. This was dubbed "The Miracle of Hemberg" by the Swiss media.


- In 2007, following the success of the first Swiss BioGeometry project in Hemberg, Dr. Karim/BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd. was commissioned by the local government of the Swiss town of Hirschberg to implement a similar solution there. The project was documented by Swiss TV Channel 1 (SF1), and the documentary aired on prime time TV in Switzerland showing that BioGeometry was successful in eliminating the ailments of electro-sensitivity, among a number of other health conditions that it remedied, as well as positively impacting the overall ecology of the area. Most impressive was the overwhelming positive impact on the livestock in the area, which are an important economic factor to this rural town. The documentary was titled “The Miracle Healer.”


-BioGeometry energy-quality balancing yielded beautiful perfectly structured and balanced water crystals, in collaboration with Dr. Masuro Emoto


-National Research Center, Egypt, show BioGeometry effectively protects against the low levels of radioactivity found in tested Egyptian building materials.

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